Learning Tips and Study Habits for Children

Learning Tips and Study Habits for Children


Preparing for a school test or reviewing school notes can be a tiring and also difficult task for children, especially because their attention span is shorter than adults. According to the British Council, a kid´s maximum attention span is three times their age, so a five-year-old will have a maximum attention span of 15 minutes.

So how can we increase our children's attention span? What tips can we use to improve children´s study habits? 

People's Daily suggested that students at a young age can use flashcards to review in a fast way the topics they find the most difficult, that way they can focus their attention on selected topics at a time and practice memorization skills within their attention span.

If children tend to struggle with a certain topic, for example, multiplication, parents can collect flashcards related to this topic and challenge the kid in a game-like environment to reinforce the learning. Collecting previous incorrect answers and keeping those flashcards for daily review will definitely help your child remember and learn in an easy and fun way.

The easiest way to create flashcards at home is through the Youdao Mini pocket printer, this device is very useful for parents and students as well. Parents can design from a mobile app their flashcards or study memos and print them via bluetooth. The device works without ink through thermal impressions and is great for making study materials for children, it can also print pictures so if your kid learns better with images rather than words, this is perfect for you, no need to find educational material online, you can design it yourself and print it right away. The printer is $50 USD through Amazon and their official website www.smartyoudao.com 


How to make children pay attention when studying or doing homework?

The most common advice is to take away anything that may cause a distraction during their study time, therefore, remove any toys, turn off the TV, remove phones or tablets from the table and keep available tools that will help them study, such as books, flashcards, or a dictionary pen, for those who are learning how to read, or are learning English, Spanish or Chinese, a dictionary pen is a great tool because it can scan a word or sentence and provide pronunciation, meaning, example sentences and also translation of texts, Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 is the leading device in the market and works offline, can be used with left or right hand and is the best tool for studying free of distractions.

Bilingual children will benefit from Youdao Dictionary Pen, since makes the reading process and vocabulary-building an easy task. This pen can also mark words so that the child can review them in the future. The pen can be purchased from Amazon as well as www.smartyoudao.com with 20% off and free shipping, you can find it as cheap as $159.99.


Improving our children study environment, keeping it free of distractions, including materials to help during their study time, and reviewing difficult topics with flashcards, making it fun and challenging through games will make your child have a positive attitude towards homework and study time.

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