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The Youdao Pen's translation was spot on like a native speaker would say it win other translators. So there are some huge advantages with this Youdao Dictionary Pen 2. Obviously, the translation accuracy is higher than 98%.

Mike Teacher‘s Youdao Pen 2 Review

It's a really really helpful tool, so this trusty little device can able to scan multiple lines at once very quickly and it's gonna translate it for me in a real time and it translated it absolutely perfectly. So the Youdao Pen is in fact the bee's knees. I'm taking that everywhere with me on a daily.

Barrett Youtube Youdao Pen Feedback

Tesla CEO Musk’s mother Meyer Maschke highly recommended
Youdao Dictionary Pen to the public on her social media.

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The scanning is shockingly fast, scarely accurate. It has multiple built-in licensed dictionaries covering 3.24 million words. You can scan, translate and read the sentence aloud in 1 second with 3-speed modes supported.

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