Please read carefully the following information BEFORE you open your Identity V 5th Anniversary Gift Box:


Return Policy:

Once opened, the gift box cannot be replaced, except for quality issues. To contact customer service regarding any quality issues, it is extremely important to follow the unboxing video instructions given below.

We highly recommend filming the unboxing video as soon as you receive your 5th-anniversary box so as to be able to get assistance from customer service.

Customer Service Contact:

For any issues with your 5th anniversary gift box, please ensure you capture a FULL, UNEDITED UNBOXING video.

How to film the UNBOXING video:

IMPORTANT: Do not edit or cut this video as it will not be accepted. Ensure that the device used for recording the unboxing video has sufficient memory space and battery. Additionally, make sure the filming location is well-lit to clearly display the items.

1. Start filming the unboxing process as soon as you receive your giftbox, showing the unopened box in its shipping package from all sides upon receipt. Showcase the unopened box from the top, bottom, and all sides, ensuring each angle is clearly visible and showing that it has not been opened.

2. After displaying the unopened box, proceed to perform the unboxing, revealing and thoroughly showing each item inside. Should you encounter any issues, please display them clearly to the camera.

Check these videos for example: 


For Physical Redemption Cards:

1. When redeeming physical cards, show the card number and record yourself as you scratch off the code's covering layer. Do not share this code with others, and only reveal it to the camera if a printing issue prevents you from seeing the entire code after scratching.

2. Film the process or screen record when trying to redeem the code in the game in case you encounter any issues when redeeming your code.


Please be aware that any videos that have been edited, cut, or fail to start filming the unopened box in its shipping package, or do not distinctly display all unopened sides of the box before opening, or do not clearly show the items inside the box, will NOT be considered valid.

This unboxing video will be used as evidence for after-sales service. We highly recommend recording the video upon receiving your package and recommend rejecting it if the box shows any signs of damage.

Redemption Codes:

The physical redemption cards for in-game items are inside the box. The Card Number (uncovered code) and the redemption code (covered code) are unique and separate. The redemption codes cannot be used before the gift box is delivered. Safeguard your redemption codes after signing for your gift box. We are not responsible for lost or stolen codes. If the redemption code is illegible due to printing issues, please contact our customer service for assistance.

Service Limitation Notice:

Please note that customer service for this product will only address quality issues until October 31st, 2024. Any concerns raised after this date will not be entertained.

Customer Service Instructions:

If you encounter a quality issue with your order, kindly email with:

-Your ORDER ID (Starting with YDSP) and the receipt time of the gift box.

-Detail the problem you experienced.

-Attach the unboxing video as proof.

-If you had any issue when redeeming the card, please also give us your game ID, picture of the card and screen record of when trying to redeem the code.

If the purchase was not made at, we regret to inform you that we cannot provide customer service; please contact the platform from which you purchased the product.

Thank you for your cooperation.