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Dictionary Pen 2 with Yellow Pencil Case Holder

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Youdao Dictionary Pen 2 with Protective Silicone Black Case

The Youdao Dictionary Pen 2 (English Interface) is a portable and lightweight electronic pen. It's a scanning translator as well as a reading pen. Just tap and scan to get the definition of English and Chinese. This scanning translator reading pen also supports offline Chinese and English translation.

【Quick translations with a scan】 Instant 2-way translation between Chinese↔English with pronunciation. Allows multi-line scanning.
Offline Mode Supported】You can use it without the Internet.
【Super powerful】Can work offline and allows you to scan and translate on different surfaces and different fonts.
【Chinese Learning】Traditional and Simplified Chinese supported. Pinyin and pronunciation are provided along with example sentences.
【English Learning】English dictionaries included human-like pronunciation provided. Example sentences included.
【Reading pen for Dyslexia】 Real person pronunciation (American and British accents) helps to improve listening and speaking. Adjustable volume and speed. Can be connected to earphones.
【Handedness】Scan with either right or left hand also supports vertical texts.【Interface Language】English.
【Package includes】Pen, charger, user manual.
【Pen Bag】Ultra slim and lightweight offers great protection against scratches, impacts, and dust.