FAQ- Identity V

1. I want to Cancel / Refund my order

Hello, please contact us via the chat box in our website or send us an email to youdaosupport@youdao.com  and  let us know your order ID (Starts with YDSP) and we´ll cancel it and refund it.

Refunds can take up to 2 weeks depending on your bank or paypal.

Your order cannot be cancelled once it has been shipped. 

For Identity V 5th anniversary products (Hardcover Gift Box, Colletor´s edition Gift Box, Desk Invasion Standard and Collectors Edition), you can cancel your order until July 5th. Please send us a message through our website or to youdaosupport@youdao.com with your order ID (Starts with YDSP) and the name and phone number you wrote in the Shipping Details when you made your purchase. The refund can take up to 2 weeks after we cancel your order due to bank processing times.

For Identity V Official Merch non-related to the 5th anniversary, the cancellation and refund can only be made 48 hours after the purchase

For PRE-ORDER FIRST LIMITED EDITION Identity V - Truth & Inference Redheaded Witch Priestess - “Crimson Figurine Giftbox” the cancellation can´t be made after January 4th, 2024.

For more details regarding returns, refunds and cancellations, please check here.

2. I want to modify my address or add my email

Please send us an email to youdaosupport@youdao.com and share with us your order ID (Starts with YDSP) and your correct address or email. The address need to have street, apartment or house number, province, city, zip code, name and phone number. We´ll make the change of your address or email according to your order ID. 

For the 5th anniversary products, you have until August to do changes to the shipping address. For the cannoneer sculpture you have until June to change your address.

For Identity V Official Merch non-related to the 5th anniversary, it´s difficult to change the address since we arrange shipping within 24 to 72 hours after the purchase, once the shipping it´s arranged, we can´t modify the address.

3. The money was charged but no order was made/can´t find it

If you input only your phone number but no email on the checkout, let us know the name and phone number you input in the shipping details and we´ll look for the order, if we can´t find it, we´ll let you know and you will have to contact your bank and ask them to cancel that transaction and refund you the money.

If you wrote your email and the money was deducted from your account but no confirmation email was received, please contact your bank, cancel the transaction and tell them to autorize the next transactions from you.

Please contact us in this email: youdaosupport@youdao.com

4. The payment doesn´t go through. 

Please try the following:

-Make sure the billing address is the same as the one you have registered with your bank.
-Make sure the expiration date and card numbers are correct
-Make sure you have enough funds, our prices are in USD
-Make sure your bank supports international payments
-Remove the items from your cart, delete the history of your browser and try again.
-If this doesn´t work, please contact your bank and ask them to authorize your payment. 

5. When will I receive my Identity V items?

For PRE-ORDER products: please check the description page under each product.

5th Anniversary Special Edition Products (Gift Box & Desk Invation) shipping starts on December of this year, being December 31st the latest date for us to ship out,  the delivery takes 2-4 weeks.

Mercenary Cannoneer Sculpture, the shipping starts on August 10th, delivery takes 2 to 4 weeks approx.

If you ordered any other IDENTITY V product the shipping takes 7 days and delivery takes 2 to 4 weeks. 

5. Can you ship to my country?

We support worldwide shipping.