Given the importance of having a good education and the skills that are required in the multicultural world we live in, we have put our efforts to be the pioneers in making ‘Tap and Check’ possible. Understand the meaning of an unknown word with the dictionary pen by just scanning it to get the definition.

Learn the Unknown


Designed for multi-language learners and with 3 million built-in entries to for a 2-way translation between CN EN, EN ES, ENEN. Youdao Pen can scan up to 60 words/min, 15 times faster than referring to a paper-based dictionary. With more than 10 years of expertise, Youdao Neural Machine Translation has an accurate and efficient translation.

Our Values

We are committed to bring excellence to learners and make learning happen.


Who We Are

We are a leading and trustworthy company in the field of smart learning that brings excellence to over 100 million total monthly active users. Located in Beijing, we established and created a series of learning tools that are popular among users. In 2019, we made our IPO at the New York Stock Exchange.