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Youdao Translator 3 - Photo and voice translator

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Product Name: Youdao Translator 3

Description: The Youdao Translator 3 is a portable voice and photo translator. With 87 languages included, it allows you to communicate in over 200 countries, anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its contextual smart AI translation engine, this 2-way electronic language translator device has a more than 96% accurate voice recognition and translation rate. It can accurately translate any kind of vocabulary, professional healthcare, IT, finance, legal, sports, and more. Supports offline translation for English-Chinese, Japanese-Chinese, Spanish-Chinese, Korean-Chinese & Russian-Chinese.

Functional Features:

AI Photo Translate

3-inch HD Display Screen

2380mAh Larga battery

4 M Support Clearly Sounds

Support 4G Network

Offline Translation



More Questions:

How many languages are supported for voice translation?

87 languages are supported for voice translation including Arabic (Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Egypt, State of Palestine, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iraq), Bulgarian, Polish, German, Danish, Russian, French (France, Canada), Finnish, Korean, Dutch, Catalan, Czech, Croatian, Romanian, Malaysian, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Japanese, Swedish, Slovak, Slovenian, Tamil (Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India), Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Spanish (Argentina, Paraguay, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, United States, Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Venezuela, Spain, Chile), Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Hindi, Indonesian, English (Ireland, Australia, Philippines, Canada, Ghana, Kenya, United States, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Singapore, New Zealand, India, United Kingdom), Vietnamese, Taiwanese dialects, Cantonese, Chinese, Chinese (traditional).

How many languages are supported for photo translation?

21 languages are supported for photo translation: Chinese, Chinese traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

Is the translation accurate?

Yes, embedded with our Youdao Neural Machine Translation Technology (YNMT) the translations are accurate, our tech takes into consideration the context to determine the real meaning, resulting in higher-quality translations. 

Can it be connected to Bluetooth headsets and speakers? 

Yes. Youdao Translator supports wireless connection via Bluetooth.

Will the device system be upgraded with more languages for free?

Yes, software updates are free, you can install them when you get a reminder, or you can turn on automatic updates or check for updates in "Settings - System Update".