The Book Club that reached people thousands of miles across China.

The Book Club that reached people thousands of miles across China.

In commemoration of World Book Day which was celebrated last April 23rd, Youdao, the company behind Youdao Dictionary Pen, did a reading corner activity at their headquarters in Beijing, China. This book club included employees and primary school students from different parts of China; in an effort to include children who live in mountainous areas far from the cities, Youdao made it possible for schools in these areas to attend the activity via online.

The book club had an exciting challenge of reading for 100 minutes without looking at the phone. After the reading session, the participants wrote down their experience on postcards to share with those who were attending via online. 

During the Q&A session, besides sharing the stories read in books, children who were attending online were curious to know more about the experience of going to a library, life in the city, Beijing's weather, etc. to which volunteers happily answered each question. 

In 2021, Beijing NetEase Charity Foundation ran a campaign in an effort to diminish the English learning educational breach between cities and towns, under the motto of “Make English Learning Happen”, Youdao Charity Foundation gifted their Dictionary Pens to schools in these regions, allowing children learn English through their devices as well as improving their speaking and reading skills. 

Months later, children who benefited through this campaign joined last week´s reading club, impressing all the attendees with their English skills. Yang Ji and her brother, both from Sichuan Province, recited in perfect English some texts, while children from Shaanxi Province prepared a special play, all recited in English.

Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 has helped those whose access to English education is limited, giving them an opportunity for the future. The scanning pen has helped children acquire a vast English vocabulary on their own, understand its daily use with the example sentences provided, improve their speaking skills through the feature of Speaking Practice, as well as improving their listening skills. More students around the world can be benefited through technology, and Youdao´s products are available worldwide through Amazon or their official website.


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