Everything you need to know about Youdao Dictionary Pen 2

Everything you need to know about Youdao Dictionary Pen 2

Are you studying Chinese? 

We understand the struggle of having to learn new vocabulary, it´s not enough to learn the word, you need to learn the character, the pinyin, pronunciation and how to use it in a real-life context. 

That´s why we have made a device that can be used in learning, a device that could assist in acquiring new vocabulary in a more efficient and distraction-free way.

We came out with Youdao Dictionary Pen 2, a smart scanning pen that will give the meaning, pronunciation, bilingual example sentences, pinyin and multiple dictionaries´ definitions with only scanning a word or sentence. It´s much faster than manually drawing the characters on an app, right? And the best of all, it can be used OFFLINE, so no need to connect to internet.

How does it work?

After scanning a sentence, you will see the translation and listen to the pronunciation, you can tap on the individual word on the screen to see its meaning.

Is it accurate?

Yes, our pen has more than 2 million entries embedded and multiple dictionaries, which makes the translation accuracy super high, so no matter if you need to translate English to Chinese and Chinese to English, you won´t have to worry about getting weird translations or definitions.

Our pen also has a very powerful OCR technology (Optimal Character Recognition), which makes the scanner be able to recognize the words written on different fonts, styles, colors and on different surfaces.

We have added lots of dictionaries to the pen, from Ancient Chinese, to Classical Poetry and even idioms dictionaries.

Voice Assistant

The Pen 2 has a voice assistant feature, just long press the "home" button to start speaking, you can ask questions and the pen will give you the answer. It´s important to mention that to ask something you need to speak in Chinese and the pen will give you the answer, you can ask questions like "How to say "apple" in English?".

If you decide to use English when talking to the voice assistant, then it becomes a voice translator and will only translate to Chinese, you can´t use English to ask questions.

I´m a Chinese speaker studying English, can I use it?

Of course! Our pen supports English to Chinese as well, so if you scan an English word or sentence, you´ll get the meaning in Chinese as well as the explanation, the example sentences and pronunciation. The pen has several dictionaries in English like Merriam-Webster´s, Youdao Dictionary, Youdao SAT Dictionary, Youdao TOEFL Dictionary, Youdao IELTS Dictionary and many more!

Tech Spects

Weight: 60 grams

Size (mm): 145.3 x 30.3 x 13.2 (Smaller than your smartphone!)

Screen Size: 1.9 inches

Interface Language: English 

Languages Supported for Learning and Translation: Chinese and English

Internet connectivity: Offline + WIFI  

Entries: 2.3 million entries


Where to buy it?

You can buy it at our website, you can find it in this link.


If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments or write us an email.

See you next time!

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